Standing for Truth

NLPAs part of The Hatcher Group’s commitment to a robust and unfettered press and the free exercise of the First Amendment, we are proud to help the News Literacy Project (NLP), which teaches secondary students how to discern fact from fiction in news stories.

With 33 partner news organizations, NLP offers classroom, after-school and e-learning lessons to students and is well-placed to help combat the disturbing rise of dis- and misinformation, particularly on social media.

Facebook recently announced that it is supporting a public service campaign by NLP that will provide Facebook users with the tools they need to become informed consumers of news and to know which sources to trust. The PSA campaign will raise awareness of the importance of being a skeptical news consumer and will elevate the profile of the field of news literacy and of NLP and its programs.

The Hatcher Group helped NLP push out this exciting announcement, developing messaging, website updates and a social media plan and helping field media requests. As a result, more than 200 Tweets were generated about the announcement, reaching more than 1 million people. We also were pleased to introduce the News Literacy Project to several national education organizations.

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