Pesticides pose a serious risk to public health and clean water. Numerous studies confirm that one type of pesticide, neonicotinoids (aka “neonics”), contributes to bee mortality, as well as to declines in native pollinators, including birds and butterflies. The use of neonics is widespread and pervasive.


We helped the Smart on Pesticides Maryland coalition from its inception – beginning with branding, a new website and social media strategy. We used compelling messaging, polling, infographics, social media outreach, grassroots advocacy and traditional media relations to educate lawmakers and the public about the need for better pesticides reporting and the dangers of neonics.


In 2014, the coalition helped to pass legislation increasing funding for better pesticide reporting in Maryland. In 2016, we helped pass state legislation – the first of its kind in the country – restricting consumer use of neonics.


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