Blue Water Baltimore

Preparing for Potential Crisis Communications


Blue Water Baltimore, an environmental nonprofit, had to communicate sensitive information to employees and stakeholders. The goal was to be open and transparent, but also respectful and empathetic given the delicate nature of the information. The Hatcher Group helped Blue Water Baltimore prepare for the announcement, provided strategic counsel, and was on call in case of escalation to a crisis communications situation.


Crisis Communications
Strategic Communications

Our Strategy

The Hatcher Group met with Blue Water Baltimore leaders to fully understand the situation. We drafted talking points for various audiences and developed answers to challenging questions. We provided guidance on the communications timeline and materials needed for the announcement. We also conducted media training for key leaders.

Our Impact

  • The announcement went smoothly, and Blue Water Baltimore met its goal of handling a tough situation with transparency and empathy
  • We helped prevent miscommunications or misperceptions in the public eye about the crisis

We needed to communicate around a sensitive subject to different internal and external audiences. The Hatcher Group was amazing! They helped us distill our talking points into simple, concise language that worked for each different audience and helped us to develop answers to anticipated questions. I could not have felt more prepared.

Jenn Aiosa, executive director of Blue Water Baltimore

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