Behavioral Health System Baltimore


The Challenge

Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB) works to develop, implement, and align resources, programs, and policies that support the behavioral health and wellness of individuals, families, and communities. BHSB came to The Hatcher Group to create a compelling and eye-catching campaign encouraging the public to stop stigmatizing people living with substance use and mental health disorders.


Strategic Communication
Digital Strategies
Messaging & Branding
Video Production

Our Strategy

Right as we started planning the campaign, we got a wonderful surprise: a representative for Baltimore Ravens safety Tony Jefferson called Hatcher’s office. Tony wanted to get involved in any mental health work we might be doing. We didn’t originally plan to have a famous spokesperson, but when a professional football player offers to star in your campaign for free you don’t say no. Our partners at BHSB were thrilled when we shared this development.

So we built the first half of the campaign around Tony, who appeared pro-bono in radio, social media video and bus shelter ads that the Hatcher team filmed, photographed, and designed.

We focused the latter half of the campaign on regular people from Baltimore or nearby, developing and shooting a portrait series and short video about people living with mental health or substance use disorders.

We developed and filmed a short documentary following Ronald Barksdale, a man from West Baltimore who has lived with stigma his whole life.

Our Impact

  • Portraits were featured at BHSB’s National Recovery Month event
  • Videos received more than 177,000 views on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tony Jefferson video got 87 retweets and 238 likes – high engagement that pushed the video to new audiences
  • Ronald Barksdale video received 53 shares on Facebook and many people posted overwhelmingly positive comments such as: “I have an addiction and I suffer from bipolar 2 disorder. Both are a part of me…neither is all of me” and “Love this video every time I see it.
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