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Branding and messaging help forge the special relationship you want with core audiences. They reflect a collection of values that goes beyond a tagline, logo, or materials. Branding and messaging reflect the significance of your work and what’s important to you.

Directly and indirectly, branding and core messages communicate how you want audiences to respond and take action. Over time, they will amplify your asks and affirm your identity and reputation.  Developing branding material and core messages deserves careful thought and planning:

  • Core messages define who you are, what you do, and what you want others to do. Are your core messages up to date? Do they reflect current goals, direction, and priorities?
  • Branding is more than a logo. How do you brand yourself? Does your branding clearly and consistently communicate existing strategic goals and messages?
  • Branding should set you apart. Is your branding memorable, and does it connect with target audiences?
  • Branding begins from within. What are you doing to ensure that your staff, board members, and other ambassadors reflect your brand and carry your messages?

The Hatcher Group marries branding and messaging to build a foundation upon which your campaign will flourish. We translate research, words, and images into compelling and memorable branding that inspires action. Hatcher has the design, editorial, and content expertise to assess and elevate your branding and messaging both seamlessly and efficiently.

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