Strategic Communications

Meeting Your Strategic Communications Needs

Getting the right messages to key audiences requires tailored strategies that are built to reach clear goals. Whether you want to raise awareness, enact new policies, or spur people to action, each project deserves a unique strategy. Here are some of the considerations and questions that inform a smart strategic plan:

  • Audiences are increasingly segmented. Who are your primary and secondary audiences?
  • Communications activities should be deliberate. What do you want your audiences to do, and how will you measure success?
  • We listen to people we know and trust. Who influences your key audiences?
  • There are more ways than ever to reach audiences. What are the most efficient and effective ways to reach your audiences?

Despite the best intentions, groups often begin planning a communications campaign or event without first creating a vision for success. Smart planning begins with the question, “Why are we embarking on this effort and what is it that we want to accomplish?” This framing provides a North Star that will light a path to better results.

The Hatcher Group understands that no two projects or campaigns are the same. We’ve never used a cookie-cutter approach. We build communications strategies that help our clients meet their unique goals effectively and efficiently. We can do this because our talented communications team merges communications and content expertise. The end product is a strategic communications plan that works for you.

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