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We know that a website is more than just content on a page—it’s an experience.

At The Hatcher Group, we understand that great user experience design (UX) not only highlights and promotes your work, but can build and grow confidence in your mission. We also know that the most important part of user experience design is…the user! While this may seem obvious, many organizations, large and small, make the expensive mistake of creating something their users don’t actually want.

The Hatcher Group’s expertise in quality user research and our deep collaboration with our clients to understand stakeholder needs and goals helps ensure quality, efficient, and reliable results. We specialize in the cultural characteristics of our issue areas: equity in education, economic opportunity, public health, environment, and social justice. We combine this knowledge with global research, insights, and design solutions to ensure high quality products that compel your audience to act, give, or learn more.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in UI/UX design. We’ve completed projects ranging from full website redesign (Behavioral Health System Baltimore) to event specific microsites (The Aspen Institute’s A Nation At Hope).

Our Process

Data and analytics can only tell you the “what,” but research and conversation allows us to dig deep and understand the “why” behind user behavior.

Our process is broken down into four phases: discover, define, design, and develop. As we learn more about the problem or challenge, audience, stakeholders, and constraints we are operating under, we often revisit research, obtain additional user feedback, or try out new ideas. This iterative method helps us continuously improve and polish your digital product.

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