Lucas Garrison

Integrated Marketing Content Specialist

Lucas is an Integrated Marketing Content Specialist with expertise in digital content creation, copy, and editorial, as well as marketing.  

In addition to a love of witty wordplay and puns, Lucas comes with a unique perspective and track record of creating impactful digital content and executing dynamic marketing campaigns in the music industry. Lucas turned his passion for music into a successful career as an editor for premiere internet music publications and Lyrical Lemonade, where he specialized in showcasing emerging talent. As Digital Content Editor for an independent record label, he was responsible for the editorial content of the label website and the creation and execution of marketing campaigns, while also managing social media accounts for Billboard-charting artists. Additionally, his work as a freelance SEO content editor has served as a functional complement to his creative, music industry foundation. 

Merging his creativity and passion with the dynamic marketing principles learned in the music industry, Lucas is adept at engaging audiences with the stories clients are looking to tell.  


  • Passion for creative wordplay (with a special affinity for puns).  
  • A commitment to thinking differently; zigging when everyone else is zagging. 
  • A love of brainstorming and collaboration. 

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