Mike Kantor

Senior Accountant

Mike is part of both the Finance and Talent Administration and Growth teams at Hatcher and brings 4 years of accounting and finance experience. A few ways he supports the team are by paying vendor invoices, reviewing and paying employee expense reimbursements, processing payroll, and performing various reconciliations and tie-outs with substantiation. 

Prior to joining The Hatcher Group, he worked as both a Pricing Analyst and Senior Accountant at the Staples headquarters along with a short stint as a Staff Accountant at Beta Bionics where he learned to love working on a smaller team. In these roles, he produced register guides and promotional offers that went to thousands of stores, created and distributed inventory reporting files to business partners and vendors, and helped implement a new ERP.  Mike has seven years of experience coaching children and adults in martial arts, so he has experience tailoring the same message to different audiences as well as a passion for helping others achieve their goals. 

 In 2018, he graduated from Framingham State University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Economics. Some of his honors include being part of the state’s Commonwealth Honors Program and presenting his honors thesis at the statewide undergraduate research conference, graduating with Summa Cum laude Latin honors and a 3.93 GPA, and being a member of three different honors societies. Mike loves competing in obstacle course races with his better half and spending time with his rescued American foxhound Moose, who is either napping or a ball of sass.  


  • Obstacle Course Racing – I have competed in over 100 obstacle course races since 2017, logging close to 800 official racing miles. This has allowed me to meet and learn from a diverse array of wonderful people. 
  • Empathy/Empowerment – Everyone comes from a different background and situation, and as a result everyone’s experiences deserve to be heard, their contributions valued, and their successes celebrated. 
  • Lifelong Learner – I love knowing the “why” behind how things work and continually increasing my understanding of different areas. Learning leads to constant growth and adaptability. 
  • Healthy Lifestyle – A mind and body that are well taken care of enable greater productivity and performance at work and a happier life overall. 

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