Nmadinobi Okafor

Senior Associate

Nma Okafor, senior marketing and communications associate, acts as a project manager for Hatcher’s contract with the FBI’s Human Resources Division (HRD) Employer Marketing Team.

Her journey started at the University of Virginia, where she not only excelled academically but also demonstrated strong leadership qualities by actively participating in various roles and initiatives aimed at improving the student experience. Upon matriculation, she received multiple recognitions for her leadership and service to the community, such as the Elizabeth’s Legacy Award, the 7 Society Recognition Award, the Society of Purple Shadows Award, and more. These accolades underscore her exceptional contributions to both the community and the broader society. 

Nma’s professional journey began as a campus representative for Victoria’s Secret PINK, where she gained hands-on experience in social media management, event planning, and project management. This early exposure laid the foundation for her future endeavors in marketing and communications. Following her role at Victoria’s Secret PINK, Nma pursued an internship at BOND OFFICIAL, a pivotal step that eventually led to a full-time managerial position. At BOND OFFICIAL, she played a crucial role in developing and expanding the agency’s services, particularly in the areas of marketing, communications, and branding. Moreover, she leveraged her expertise to assist small businesses in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region, further demonstrating her commitment to supporting local communities and businesses. Now, as a project manager for the FBI’s HRD Employer Marketing Team, Nma’s diverse skill set and ability to navigate complex projects, coupled with her strategic approach to marketing and communications, position her as an effective asset within the team. Nma’s journey exemplifies a trajectory of continuous growth, learning, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in her field.  


  • Global Citizenship and Lifelong Learning: My upbringing as a world citizen instilled a continuous eagerness to learn and grow. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge can drive innovation and fresh perspectives within my projects. 
  • Diverse Background: My experience in various fields provides me with a unique perspective that can enrich discussions and problem-solving processes. It allows me to approach challenges from different angles, fostering creativity and uncovering innovative solutions that might not have been considered otherwise.

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