The Hatcher Group is a public affairs and communications firm that connects nonprofits and foundations to policymakers and the media. We focus exclusively on progressive policy issues and work to advance our clients’ agendas for social change.

What's New

The Hatcher Group Crafts Baltimore Economic Development Report

The Hatcher Group wrote and designed a major economic development report.

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NIHCM Policy Briefing Highlights Health Care

The Hatcher Group organized a major Capitol Hill briefing.

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The Hatcher Group Takes on Attendance Awareness Month

The Hatcher Group is leading efforts promoting the importance of school attendance.

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2014 PDK/Gallup Poll Reveals Skepticism about Education Policies

New poll finds growing reluctance among Americans to support major education initiatives.

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Top MDE Public Affairs Official Joins The Hatcher Group

We're pleased to announce Samantha Kappalman is joining our team.

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