Our Capabilities

Powered by Purpose. Putting our expertise and passion to work for you.

No two projects are ever the same (which is why we love what we do), except for one thing: Each requires a commitment like yours — and ours. Whether you’re fighting for a cleaner environment, smarter education, better access to health care or the voting booth, we can help. We balance your needs and dedication with our knowledge and passion, and then together, we make it happen.


Crisis Communications

It takes a long time to build a solid reputation; just one incident can jeopardize everything. Planning, training, on-the-ground support, and more: Hatcher is ready to prepare you for anything and see you through it.


Earned Media

You have a story, we can craft it — and make sure that it’s heard. Our media relations services include strategy and outreach, writing and pitching op-eds, coordinating media events, and analyzing the resulting coverage.


Public Affairs

Without planning and expertise, good intentions won’t go far, especially in the halls of power. Hatcher has years of experience achieving policy change by educating policymakers, inspiring activism, and helping our clients change hearts, minds, and behaviors.


Strategic Communications

Hatcher puts the strategy into strategic communications plans — the smart thinking and tailored approaches that will help you reach your goals. Our strategies and messaging are built on findings from quantitative and qualitative research, including stakeholder interviews, communications audits, media scans, surveys, and more.



An event is more than a moment: It is an experience that informs and inspires your audience. Every event begins by crafting a clear message, and Hatcher can help. We’ll set the stage with the ideal venue or virtual platform, then seamlessly connect compelling content with well-planned execution. From location to logistics, registration to reception, we expertly manage the details and deliver successful, engaging productions.



Hatcher translates research, words, and images into memorable branding that helps you forge a powerful relationship with your audience. Our design, editorial, and content experts will gain a nuanced understanding of you and your goals and put a memorable shine to your brand — the story you tell the world.


Digital Engagement

Powerful digital strategies can transform your organization’s impact, reach, and engagement with key audiences. Our smart solutions can help you start a conversation, stir up sentiment, and build a movement. We bring you alive on the web with search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, campaign strategy and execution, email marketing, and metrics analysis.



Marketing is more than dashing off a few ads and promo materials. To sell an idea and move people to act, you must read the room: know your audiences — all of them — and respond to their needs and experiences. Whether you want to raise awareness, change behaviors, or see new policies enacted, we can help. We combine cutting-edge tactics with real-time measurement and monitoring so that your campaign is nimble, powerful, and cost-effective.


Paid Media

We know that smart, targeted investments in advertising can help deliver key messages to your audiences and spur them to action. Yes, we strategize, create, execute, place and optimize — and we’ll make the most of your budget. Hatcher can be cost-efficient while bolstering the strength of your brand through campaigns that light up online and offline channels.



Our full-service design team breathes color and life into your message and communications strategies to help you achieve your goals. We transform reports, collateral materials, advertising campaigns, print and digital graphics, logos, infographics, and website design into products that do more than just tell a story: They inspire and motivate.


Multimedia Production

Hatcher loves bringing stories to life. Our full-service audio and video production team delivers – from product conception to implementation to distribution. We create or reimagine documentary videos, motion graphics, podcasts, sizzle reels, and more, that break through the noise and provide compelling and cost-effective solutions.


Website User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refreshing your website, we specialize in creating experiences that are clean, intuitive, flexible, beautiful, and engaging. Our recipe: We use strategy, user research, technology, analytics, and optimization that result in design-driven solutions for user experiences and digital products.

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