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America’s prosperity begins by giving all students – from preschool to college – equitable access to high-quality learning opportunities and the support they need to complete high school and higher education.

Economic Opportunity

Millions of Americans with stable jobs and middle-class incomes struggle to achieve economic mobility. Nearly half lack the savings to live at the poverty level for just three months if they lose a job or suffer income loss.

Public Health & Wellness

Far too many Americans lack access to good, affordable health care. While we have made progress in recent years, statistics paint a sobering picture of remaining disparities in our health care system.


No community should suffer from pollution – whether from industrial contaminants, polluted storm-water runoff or agricultural waste. We shouldn’t have to worry if food is safe or if children are being harmed by toxic chemicals.

Social Justice & Democracy

Across the country, too many people face barriers to leading full productive lives. Many face discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity. Others are shut out of strong communities with access to jobs.


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Hatcher Honored with 44 Awards in 2020 By Rachel Cain, Senior Associate At Hatcher, we continually strive to create meaningful and beautiful communication tools that help our clients achieve their goals. Our desire to see results for the communities our clients tirelessly serve and support drives our strong work ethic. Going above and beyond in [...]

Putting Teachers Front and Center in a Statewide Literacy Campaign

Putting Teachers Front and Center in a Statewide Literacy Campaign By David Loewenberg, Senior Associate In the last several years, the impressive work of education journalists and researchers has brought to light a disturbing reality: The dominant approach to reading instruction in the U.S. is, at best, insufficient, and at worst, setting many students up [...]

Advocating in the Halls of Power: Campaign for Tobacco Free-Kids

Advocating in the Halls of Power: Campaign for Tobacco Free-Kids By Kate Austin, Senior Director Amplifying our clients’ voices during Maryland’s annual General Assembly is a specialty of The Hatcher Group – and, to be honest, it’s one of our favorite tactics. With only 90 days to act on more than 2,000 bills, including the [...]


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