National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Advocating for Affordable Care for All People Living With MS

Award Winner


Continually escalating drug prices have left vital medications out of reach for many people living with multiple sclerosis. Since 2019, The Hatcher Group has partnered with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to educate and engage stakeholders and influence federal policy so that all people living with MS can access the resources and treatments they need. 


Strategic Communications


Digital Engagement


Multimedia Production


We developed 23 profiles to tell the stories of people living with MS. 

Social Media

We also created a full social media toolkit with accompanying graphics to leverage the stories and drive traffic to the Society’s website.


In support of the Society’s work advocating for affordable care, Hatcher produced the “High Cost of MS” series. These written profiles, documentary-style videos, and social media graphics tell the stories of people who are living with MS and struggling with the high cost of treatment. We worked closely with the Society to identify subjects spanning several key demographics, narrowing 578 possible subjects to 30, and conducted interviews with them. The resulting profiles and videos illustrate the experiences of people living with MS and encourage policymakers to take action on medication affordability. We captioned all of the pieces for accessibility and told one story, Rocio’s, entirely in Spanish to expand outreach. 


We produced five documentary-style videos that bring to life the experiences of people with MS and show the challenges they face in accessing affordable medication. 

Our Impact

  • Produced five short documentary style videos. 
  • Captioned all videos for accessibility. 
  • Produced one video, the story of Rocio, entirely in Spanish to expand outreach.
  • Created 15- to 60-second versions of the videos for use on social media.
  • Developed 23 profiles of individuals living with MS.
  • Developed 23 accompanying graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote the campaign and drive traffic to the Society’s website.