Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity

Shining a Spotlight on American Poverty

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The Hatcher Group helped launch Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity in 2007 to bring attention to issues that tens of millions of Americans living in poverty face every day. Since then, Spotlight has evolved into a unique nonpartisan platform for policymakers, journalists, researchers, and advocates to find and share resources and real solutions to poverty in America.


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Our work entails overseeing a weekly newsletter that reaches nearly 10,000 subscribers; supporting national Spotlight-sponsored events on poverty issues, such as its impact on the domestic policy agenda; writing blog and social media content on poverty-related news and research; and maintaining a 50-state data map tracking dozens of indicators on poverty, inequality, racial equity, and more.


Spotlight’s weekly newsletter features exclusive original content, the latest in poverty-focused research, news from the states, and a calendar of topical events — all in one engaging weekly email reaching 10,000 subscribers.


The Spotlight website is the go-to resource for policymakers and researchers whose collective focus is on poverty and finding opportunity. The site features an interactive U.S. map that tracks dozens of indicators on poverty, inequality, racial equity and more by state.


Spotlight hosts national events (live and virtual), bringing together experts and policymakers from across the political spectrum for thoughtful and timely discussions on poverty and opportunity.

Our Impact

As a result of our work:

  • Spotlight’s website received more than 151,781 page views in 2021 so far.
  • It gained 21,000 Twitter followers to date.
  • And its newsletter achieved high open and click-through rates of 16% and 10%, respectively.