Cataysha Lee

Senior Associate, Digital Marketing

Cataysha is a Digital Marketing Senior Associate with a passion for social media and content creation.

Prior to joining The Hatcher Group, Cataysha worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Psomagen, a biotech company in Rockville, MD. During that time, she focused on raising brand awareness and driving growth through customer-centric campaign strategies, cross-channel marketing, and digital communications. Her work with non-profits has also helped her develop people-first language and skills.

In 2017, Cataysha graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering where she was able to translate engineering design processes into successful digital marketing campaigns.


  • Loves doing things with hands since creation can be done right at your fingertips.
  • A hunger for discovery as there is always more to learn.
  • Deep appreciation for community because it breeds collaboration.

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