MaameYaa Danso

Senior Graphic Designer

MaameYaa Danso is a creative and organized senior graphic designer at The Hatcher Group who creates unique design deliverables for all clients.

MaameYaa graduated from Towson University in 2018, where she received her B.F.A with a concentration in graphic design. After graduating, she worked at Dreamscape Marketing and assisted their creative team with all client work, including website design, branding, print materials, web ads, infographics, and more.

Before joining The Hatcher Group, MaameYaa was a contract graphic designer at Horne Creative Inc. At Horne, she worked alongside the creative team to create various design materials for its federal clients. MaameYaa hopes to grow her creative skills and explore new opportunities as she continues to pursue her career.


  • Pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box to constantly look for ways to improve client work.
  • Focusing on and committing to meeting deadlines without compromising the quality of work.
  • Communicating and working together with team members to get the job done.


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