Shirley Collins

Digital Data Analyst

Shirley thrives as a digital data analyst at The Hatcher Group, driven by a deep-seated passion for turning data into actionable insights. With experience spanning a range of industries, including automotive, real estate, nonprofit organizations, and advertising agencies, she offers a unique and versatile perspective. 

Shirley holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing from Tokai University in Japan, and she is currently pursuing a master’s in information technology at Virginia Tech. This program concentrates on big data and software development, enhancing efficient and innovative approaches to data analysis. 

In the realm of marketing, Shirley has extensive experience with both paid and organic digital marketing campaigns and in generating comprehensive data reports for high-profile car brands and FMCG products. Before joining Hatcher, she was a marketing lead for a nonprofit organization focused on AAPI, where she played a key role in overseeing all marketing initiatives. 

Shirley is passionate about uncovering the insightful stories behind data, providing sharp analyses to inform data-driven decisions. She is fluent in Japanese and Chinese. 


  • Diving into data to find cool insights and turn them into stories that make a real difference in decision-making. 
  • Mixing tech skills with a bit of creative magic to make tricky data stuff easy and useful for everyone. 
  • Always hunting for the newest things in analyzing data and coding to keep our analysis fresh and exciting. 

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