Sophia Handel

Senior Associate Producer

Sophia Handel is a passionate and skilled video editor with a soft spot for documentary film. She enjoys discovering unique stories from all around the world. 

Before joining The Hatcher Group, Sophia worked as a freelance video editor and social media manager. She has four years of multimedia and video editing experience. She worked with NYU as the lead video editor for an online production at Tisch School of the Arts. As a media manager, she created brand identities, video content, and oversaw account analytics for several clients.  

Sophia graduated from Towson University in 2021. Earning a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film and a minor in Business Administration. After graduating, she interned at The Hatcher Group and assisted their video team with several video shoots, including the CBCF, VA, and a MD529 photoshoot. She contributed to the smooth execution of events, helping with casting and talent coordination.  

Sophia hopes to inspire positive change through a creative medium to help bring awareness to important issues.  


  • Learner: I like to push myself out of my comfort zone, try new things, and ultimately grow.
  • Personable: I love getting to know people! A good story can change the way you see the world.
  • Positivity: I believe that the glass half full mentality gets you farther in life.
  • Word to Live By: Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

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