Behavioral Health System Baltimore

BHSB’s Here2Help Hotline

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Behavioral Health System Baltimore’s (BHSB) mission is to improve access to services that promote behavioral health and wellness. As part of that mission, BHSB funds a crisis hotline — originally called the Crisis, Information, and Referral Line — to serve as a single point of access for behavioral health services. Despite the crisis line handling more than 40,000 calls a year, given the community’s needs, BHSB believed the line was underused.


Strategic Communications


Digital Engagement



The Hatcher Group led BHSB through an extensive rebranding, beginning with a discovery process that included talking with stakeholders and holding internal brainstorming sessions. From this, Hatcher developed a new “Here2Help Hotline” name; a new “24/7 access to confidential advice and emotional support” tagline; and new marketing messages.





Postcards, Poster, and Magnet

Hatcher created a new inviting, energetic, and hopeful visual identity for the hotline and campaign collateral.

Bus Ads

To promote the Here2Help Hotline, Hatcher ran digital and transit ad campaigns.

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Our Impact

  • The ads received nearly 5.1 million impressions and resulted in more than 61,000 clicks to the website. 
  • Calls to the Here2Help Hotline increased by 100% compared to the first quarter of 2020.