CASE STUDY: Equity & Opportunity

Montgomery County Planning Department

Supporting a Thriving Montgomery County


The Montgomery County Planning Department created the Thrive Montgomery 2050 initiative to capture the community’s values and priorities and create a plan with a shared vision about land use, housing, transportation, the environment, and other issues. Montgomery Planning came to The Hatcher Group with the goal of getting Montgomery County residents excited about the Thrive Montgomery 2050 initiative and to participate in it.


Design & Creative
Digital Strategies
Event Planning & Execution
Messaging & Branding
Strategic Communications

Our Strategy

The Hatcher Group provides strategic communications support and counsel to Montgomery Planning as the Thrive Montgomery 2050 campaign evolves. We help to conceptualize, draft, and edit content that speaks to key stakeholders and engages them in the planning process. We make recommendations about social media, earned media, and other activities to reach target audiences. We identify target audiences and develop marketing strategies to negotiate the best rates for ads, place ads within appropriate outlets, and track their progress. In addition, we provide strategic event planning and execution, including scouting and securing venues, managing contracts, hiring vendors, creating activities, managing all on-site logistics, working with speakers and VIPs, and handling all media inquiries.

Our Impact

  • Organized and managed more than 15 community events, engaging thousands of Montgomery County residents across all five county districts
  • Generated more than 1,000 responses to the Thrive 2050 Quiz aimed to help residents better understand the challenges and opportunities for shaping the future of the county
  • Reached over 1.5 million users, driving quality traffic to the website and increasing general awareness of the Thrive campaign
  • Digital ads received a total of 6,655,366 impressions and 11,537 clicks
  • Reached 6,500 daily with outdoor advertising, including bus and transit
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