Becca Rodway

Associate Director, Media Strategy

Becca is a passionate, skilled marketing and advertising professional with a strong expertise in digital strategy and media. She is a detail-and deadline-oriented multi-tasker able to work effectively across multiple accounts on any given day with strong negotiation skills; experience with media planning and buying such as print, OOH, digital and mobile; hands-on skill with programmatic media and paid social and search; and knowledgeable in media tracking software.


  • Media – I love it and want to know all about it! I continuously build on my knowledge and expertise in an effort to push each client’s marketing and media programs to the next level.
  • Relationship Building – I am a strong believer in communication, collaboration and transparency. All of these help us get to the best and most efficient outcome for not only our company but most importantly our clients. Plus, I am a hippie at heart and I believe that leading with love and building lasting relationships helps our team and our work shine bright while giving us the upper hand to give all of our clients the best marketing services and opportunities.
  • Strong Negotiation Skills – Why not ask what they can do? You won’t know if you don’t ask. Not only do I ask, I work hand in hand with clients and partners to get the best price and the best buys for each budget.
  • Positivity, Support and Empowerment – What you put into the universe, comes back. I believe in always being positive, supporting each other as humans and empowering everyone to become great in their lives personally and professionally.

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