Shaun Rosa


Shaun Rosa is a Professional Video Editor, Director of Photography, and Colorist with over five years of experience in television and film. Shaun focuses on impact stories about transformation, specializes in documentary filmmaking, and has credits as a Lead Editor and Director of Photography.

Before joining The Hatcher Group, Shaun was a member of the DCTV production team, serving as Director of Photography for two feature-length documentaries, “Fighting Stigma: The Whitman Walker Story,” and “The Seven Dollar Return.” In post-production, Shaun polished his storytelling skills by editing from the perspective of a producer, crafting stories with impact through personal transformation stories.

Shaun received official selections for independent short films in both 2018 and 2017 at various film festivals and is currently working on his first feature-length independent documentary. In 2015, he completed the Communication program at the University of Maryland and received a B.A.


  • Capturing Moments: I am always on the hunt for a raw natural moment to help push the story to the next level.
  • Collaboration: I believe creating through individualized perspectives is vital to storytelling.
  • Organization: I’m passionate about file structure, and the distance in which my funko pop figures are separated on my desk.

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