Sarah Ball

Senior Associate

Sarah Ball is a strategic communications and public relations professional with a dedication to high-quality and impactful results.  

Before joining The Hatcher Group, Sarah served as a Communications Associate at Strategic Elements. In her role, she developed a knack for communications strategy working in media and public relations across the energy, climate, and economic development sectors. She has years of experience developing publicity and social media plans to promote the benefits of clean energy development in rural communities across the nation, and collaborating with businesses, elected officials, and media organizations. Sarah also specializes in bringing a fresh perspective to brand management and media strategy.  

At Hatcher, Sarah supports the Environment team with media relations, copywriting, and client strategy.  

Sarah received a Bachelor’s Degree of Journalism and Mass Communication in Public Relations and Strategic Political Communication from Drake University. Her public relations and government affairs plans have been recognized by the Public Relations Society of America- Central Iowa Chapter.


  • As an avid plant person, growth starts with access to the right resources, a flexible strategy, and a little patience. The same can be said about outlook on client work. 
  • A lifelong learner: There is always something that you can learn. Never stop fostering your curiosity and learning from others around you. 
  • Motto to live by: “Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.” -Hamza Yusuf

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