Shahin Rafikian

Manager, Integrated Production

Shahin Rafikian is a Production Manager for the design team at The Hatcher Group, with a strategic goal toward maintaining and improving streamlined efficiency.

To identify as an “everything-ist” stems from the various professional hats worn with great pride. For many years, Shahin has delved into industries like education, political science, and music to play integral productional, operational, and administrative roles to successfully achieve organizational goals. As a cultural consumer at the crossroads of Gen Z mentalities and internet ideologies, he has experienced life through multi-disciplinary schools of thought to maintain an intersectional POV of culture at large. Specializing in cultural trends and the streamlining of operations, Shahin has worked toward improving work systems to reach (and exceed) internal and client-facing expectations. Whether it’s through the development of playbooks, maintaining client relations, or creating content to showcase capabilities, he tackles every task and finds solutions to every challenge with a calm and collected demeanor.  

Shahin obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland in Sociology with a concentration in Organizations and Institutions, and his Master’s Degree from Georgetown University in Communication, Culture and Technology. With an innate passion for the music industry, Shahin has also received a certificate from NYU’s Tisch School of Arts in Music Industry Essentials, and freelanced as a music journalist throughout his career. 


  • OPTIMISM: Embody the level of positivity and empathy you wish to receive from the universe. 
  • PATIENCE: Mistakes and failures are merely discoveries of ways you can’t achieve something.  
  • SOLUTIONS-ORIENTED: Future you could be experimenting with new technologies that allow you to simulate hardships or challenges to mine insights. Today’s version of you could be that simulation faced with hardships, broken down to bits just to learn a lesson and to find a solution. 
  • EXPERIMENTATION: “An experimental idea doesn’t have to be separated from a mainstream context. The really exciting thing is where those two things are together. That’s where you can get the real change.” — Sophie Xeon 
  • NONCHALANT: Don’t take life too seriously! “I am grateful grapefruit.” — Björk winning Best International Female Solo Artist (BRIT Awards, 1998) 

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