News Literacy Project


Every organization is at risk for a crisis, whether from a mistake, a scandal, a natural disaster or a malicious data breach. Crises are inherently digital today, meaning they move at a lightning-fast pace. As a leader in the fight against “fake news,” the News Literacy Project (NLP) asked The Hatcher Group to develop a crisis communications plan to ensure it would be prepared should a crisis happen.


The Hatcher Group conducted a comprehensive communications audit, including reviewing the existing social media policy. We interviewed the NLP leadership team and the communications staff to better understand and make recommendations about roles and responsibilities. We created a detailed checklist for emergency operations and communications, brainstormed potential scenarios and prepared sample internal and external statements. We also conducted a “table-top” crisis drill with NLP’s designated team, simulating possible situations and responses.


NLP’s senior leadership and communications team are prepared to react should a crisis arise. They know the steps they need to take: how to convene the core team, who will act as the designated spokesperson and who will monitor social media, even where they can hold a press conference if needed. They have statements drafted for likely scenarios and understand how to release them to the media.

In general, the nonprofit sector lags behind the business world in recognizing the need for proactive crisis planning. Unfortunately, nonprofits and foundations are not immune to these organizational threats. Contact us so we can help your organization prepare.

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