4 Reasons You Should Podcast

March 23, 2018

Why Should You Podcast? 4 Reasons to Incorporate a Podcast to Your Organization’s Communications Strategy

Thinking about starting a podcast at your organization? Podcasts are a trendy and effective communications tool for discussing topical subjects and sharing stories. People listen to podcasts during long commutes, while exercising or running errands. But podcasts offer more than daily distraction for listeners – they offer many advantages for organizations that other communications tools do not.

Here are four reasons to add a podcast to your organization’s communications strategy:

  1. Podcasts establish your organization as a thought leader. Avid podcast listeners don’t tune in each week merely for entertainment. Listeners return because they grow to trust the organization’s authority. Positioning your organization as an industry leader will not only build a dedicated audience, but also offer opportunities to expand your organization’s influence through further collaboration and networking with other industry leaders.
  1. Podcasts help you reach more people. In a fast-paced world, content that can be consumed while multitasking is key. Most people don’t have time to read an eight-page policy brief or watch an hour-long documentary – no matter how fascinating. Give your audience the opportunity to consume your content and brand while going on with their day-to-day lives. And, podcasts are free, meaning the potential audience pool is large.
  1. Podcasts are great for niche topics. Whatever issue area your organization works on –stormwater management, paid sick leave, criminal justice reform – there’s an opportunity for a podcast. Some topics are too detailed or wonky for other media, but when it comes to podcasts, the more defined the topic, the better. Don’t be afraid to go deep into your issue area – keeping a strong focus will engage the listener.
  1. Podcast listeners are a buy-in audience, meaning they willingly subscribe to podcasts. In a world where content is everywhere, it’s refreshing for consumers to subscribe to content they are interested in. Building a strong subscriber base is a good indicator that your listeners genuinely enjoy the podcast, which will help further your organization’s mission and goals.

Need more tips? The Hatcher Group is happy to assist you with communications support for all your podcast needs.