Four Free Tools Every Digital Wiz Needs

August 06, 2018

You don’t need magic to be a digital wizard. Just a few handy tools will help you organize content strategy, digital advertising, website analytics and more.

Here are a few free tools we love:

  1. Social Media Image Size Guide. Sprout Social has an amazing page dedicated to social media image sizes. Read up on the optimal dimensions for a Facebook business page profile picture, a YouTube channel cover photo, or an Instagram story. This tool includes best practices for each social platform. The best part? Sprout continuously updates it, so you don’t have to worry about being two weeks behind Facebook’s latest update.
  2. Facebook Ad Template. Paid Facebook posts and ads are a must to get eyes on your content. Make it easy with our handy Facebook ad template to help you plan your image and video Facebook ads. Download for free here.
  3. Social Media Holiday Calendar. Even the most creative social strategists need help coming up with fresh content ideas. Use a social media holiday/special day calendar to take advantage of holidays and fun events the social world is buzzing about. We love this one by Depositphotos, which includes the big holidays (New Year’s Eve) and the more obscure ones (Read a Book Day). Another handy one is this evergreen calendar from Lightbox Collaborative, which you can customize.
  4. Hashtagify. When used well, hashtags allow a user to tap into larger conversations and boost a profile to new audiences. A bad hashtag can make your tweets look stale and robotic. Using specific, popular hashtags can help your tweet find life! Hashtagify rates the popularity of hashtags based on Twitter usage. We love it because it automatically suggests related hashtags, along with influential users of those hashtags. Check out the free version here.

What’s your favorite digital tool? Drop us a tweet: @thehatchergroup #FavTool.