Make Change Happen This Election Day

October 25, 2018

With midterm Election Day less than two weeks away and the 2020 election already making headlines, the airwaves are jammed with ads for politicians and causes.

According to some studies, nearly half of millenials and Gen-Xers — that’s adults age 22 to 45 — don’t watch any traditional television. But they do spend lots of time on their computers, tablets and mobile devices checking Facebook and Twitter.

Digital advertising offers an opportunity to reach a hyper-targeted audience for a lot less than traditional print or TV advertising. It allows quick turnaround, detailed metrics on performance and a much more personalized approach than traditional advertising.

The good news is that campaigns and organizations don’t have to break the bank to reach their target audience. Digital advertising provides a much smarter and more efficient way to reach very targeted audiences for less.

Online advertising is not just for federal candidates or national campaigns. In fact, it’s ideal for  smaller city and statewide initiatives and campaigns due to its hyper-targeting capabilities.

It’s not too late to make a difference with voters before November 6. Consider running digital ads that:

  • Publicly thank key legislators for supporting your cause or initiative
  • Urge voters in specific districts to vote for a ballot initiative
  • Educate voters about an issue.

Creative digital advertising can make a real difference in getting your message to the right people before they vote.

The Hatcher Group helps empowering clients through digital advertising to make the most of their resources. We want to help you take your messaging to the next level. We can help you devise a smart advertising goal and get you up and running in no time!

Interested in enhancing your organization’s digital advertising? We’d love to help! Contact Sami at today!

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