Medicaid Supports Maryland

February 22, 2018

Medicaid been in the news a lot over the past several years – from the expansion of the program in many states under the Affordable Care Act, to proposals to slash the program as part of federal health care reform, to new work requirements. What many don’t know, however, is the deep and widespread impact that Medicaid has on the state of Maryland. Medicaid covers one in five Marylanders, including one in four children, two in five people with disabilities and three in five nursing home residents. It’s also an important economic engine driving health systems in the state.

The Hatcher Group teamed up with Consumer Health First, a statewide health policy, advocacy and education organization to launch a new non-partisan public education initiative – Medicaid Supports Maryland. This campaign seeks to educate the public and policymakers about the state’s Medicaid program, the diverse population it serves and how important it is to Maryland’s economy.

The campaign is anchored by a brand new website that features key facts and statistics about Medicaid in Maryland, keeps track of recent news and invites people to share their personal stories about how Medicaid has impacted their lives. The Hatcher Group developed the website as well as the campaign’s messaging, strategy, visual identity and social media. We also commissioned a poll that found strong bipartisan support for Medicaid among Maryland voters.

Keep up with the latest from Medicaid Supports Maryland at our website and on Facebook and Twitter.