Introducing Hatcher Creative

May 23, 2018

­­­­­­­­­For nearly two decades, The Hatcher Group has delivered high-caliber communications and public affairs services to inspire social change for good. We’ve helped nonprofits, foundations and other mission-driven organizations develop and use smart communications strategies that spur people to action and improve lives.

From the start, great design has been an integral part of The Hatcher Group, along with our focus on messaging, media relations, strategic planning and social media.  In 2018, great design is no longer a nice extra. It’s an essential part of getting your message across in a world where you literally have just a few seconds to engage your audience.

Today, we are proud to introduce you to Hatcher Creative, a full-service design division within The Hatcher Group. We’re excited to take our design work to a new level and become a communications, public affairs and design firm dedicated to inspiring social change for good.

Under the leadership of award-winning senior vice president/creative director Reece Quiñones, we’ve nearly tripled our team. We have assembled a range of designers who love creating solutions and bring innovation and vision to everything they touch.

With Hatcher Creative, you’ll get expert designers who understand your mission and who are deeply committed to improving people’s lives. We believe that great design can do just that.

Here’s just a sampling of Hatcher Creative services:

  • Publication Design: Reports, newsletters, e-newsletters, blogs, and magazine design
  • Logos and Branding: Identity design, brand experience, and brand guidelines
  • Advertising and Marketing Design: Generating ideas, advertising, brochures, collateral, digital marketing, and merchandising
  • Print Production: Manage the flow, production, and quality of printed materials
  • Interactive/Motion: Graphic-focused promo videos and informational videos
  • Conference/Environmental Design: Identity and information signage, conference and exhibit show spaces
  • Presentation Design: Template and full-presentation design in PowerPoint or another similar program
  • Custom Illustration: Spot- and full-page illustrations
  • Infographics: Defining the problem, gathering data, outlining the narrative, creating the wireframe, designing the visual approach
  • Website Design and Development: User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI), sketching, wireframing, research, and design
  • Social Media Graphics: Quote graphics, memes, motion graphics, images

Need help with communications, design, or digital challenges?  Let’s start a conversation.