Delivering on Our Brand Promise


September 2021

One year ago this month, we launched the rebrand of The Hatcher Group. We shared the deliberate, thoughtful and inclusive engagement of our full team to not only develop a new visual mark, but also articulate our mission, vision, values, and community guidelines. We’re very proud of our brand promise and what it means for our clients, and for us as a team and as individuals. But that was just the beginning, and we continue to hold ourselves accountable to embed our brand and values into our systems and culture to endure beyond the initial splash. We can do more, but we are making progress. At this one-year rebrand milestone, we wanted to share examples of that progress, and our ongoing investment in the Hatcher brand promise and our people.

In this issue of Spark, to celebrate our curiosity value, we discuss our approach to the team’s professional development. To further our equity value, we dive into the challenges that unconscious biases can have in hiring and recruitment, and how we aim to tackle them head on. Finally, in support of our impact value, we share our internal review process for client engagements, intended to enhance our services, and make us higher-performing project teams.

While the rebrand may no longer be a recent activity for us to tout, we’re committed to the hard work required to stay true to its promise. We remain, powered by purpose.