Enjoying the Respite but Ready to Move Forward

Hello Summer — the season where out-of-office notifications rule the Inbox, routines become aspirational at best, and the certainty of change is as predictable as the tides. This year, especially, that sense of shifting and transition is dominant, as we learn to live with COVID and do a post-mortem on the impact of the past two-plus years. In too many ways, we’ve taken a step backward, so we’re eager for movement forward.

In this edition of Spark, we shine a light on the very real gap — exacerbated by the pandemic — many students are confronting to keep pace with high school graduation requirements, as well as the important work of GRAD Partnership. In addition, we proudly introduce our fabulous cohort of summer interns, experiencing their own unique transition from academia into the workplace.  Finally, we share observations on the state of the traditional office and how Hatcher has been intentional to invest in our people and the future.

We hope this season of change (and sunscreen) includes quality time with family and friends, and away from whatever model of work or school you call your own. If summer represents change and fluidity, fall beckons with its certainty and pace. Enjoy creating those epic memories. We’ll see you in September!