Introducing the 2022 Summer Class of Hatchterns

By Abigail Ling, Associate

School’s out! It’s officially summer and, while most college students are winding down from a year of exams, projects, and intense study, we’re honored to welcome a new class of interns, affectionately called “Hatchterns.” Eager to further their skills at Hatcher, each intern brings a variety of experiences and expertise that align with our mission-driven focus and passion for healthy communities that leave no one behind.

Here, our 2022 Summer Hatchterns share what they’re most excited about or hope to learn from their internship experience.

Ella Benson

New York University ‘25
Communications Intern
“I’m hoping to learn not just about communications but also the causes that Hatcher supports. I’m particularly interested in education and environmental work but, overall, I’m excited to learn wherever possible here!”

Connie Cheung

University of Maryland ‘23
Digital Intern
“I’m excited to gain a hands-on experience in digital media and social media. I’m especially excited to see results from projects and assignments I’ll work on.”

Nathalie Do

George Mason University ’23
Design Intern
“I’m most excited to use my skills and knowledge to create designs for other people. I also look forward to collaborating with other artists to create projects.”

June Pham

University of Maryland ’23
UX Intern
“I hope to develop my UI/UX skills and gain work experience by working with clients. I also hope to better understand how the design process originates from the Hatcher team and clients. And I look forward to making great connections with people in the firm and developing a great portfolio piece by the end of the internship.”

Shiv Sapa

University of Maryland ’23
Digital Intern
“I’m super excited to be working with the Digital Team to bring the Hatcher TikTok page to life this summer! My goal is to better understand how to use digital tools in PR, as well as how PR professionals use creative and strategic thinking to execute campaigns.”