Fighting Forward

May is synonymous with the warmth and possibilities of spring. However, this month has brought more clouds than sunshine, in very consequential ways. Here at home, the leaked draft ruling of the Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade, along with the proliferation of state laws making all abortions illegal – even restricting contraception – is ushering in an unprecedented gutting of individual privacy protections and reproductive freedom. As we honored Mother’s Day this past weekend, we couldn’t help but reflect on how becoming a mother should remain a woman’s choice, a constitutional right guaranteed for nearly half a century, that we now must fight like a mother to retain.

In this edition of Spark, our team is proud to share our experience working with the Maryland Maternal Health Innovation Program, commonly known as MDMOM, to tackle maternal health disparities, stigma, and bias, and educate both professionals and the public. Also, in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month, we offer four concrete steps that communications professionals can take to combat Asian hate and address the harmful narratives that fuel it. Finally, we take stock of the diversity of the graphic design sector and discuss the importance of diversity within the designer ranks to reduce stereotypes in imagery and increase inclusion of underrepresented communities.

There’s important work ahead for all of us, professionally, and personally. Let’s get to it!