For the Strong Women We Know, We Uplift, and We Are

“With great power comes great responsibility.” We’ve all heard this phrase numerous times, and in many contexts. Over the past week, tragically, it has come to mind as we watch the incredible strength and endurance of Ukrainians facing invasion, while our country’s leaders debate our moral and geopolitical obligations and response. For us as women business owners, the phrase is a very real, personal guidepost, as we’re fervent about not pulling up the ladder behind us. We’re fortunate and hardworking, but not special, and we aspire to help grow and empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders.

In this edition of Spark, we celebrate women who inspire us. We’re proud to shine a light on three colleagues making a difference in education, reproductive health, and patient advocacy.  We celebrate Nicole Lynn Lewis, a champion of student parents pursuing higher education. We also profile Ketanji Brown Jackson, a brilliant jurist who deserves to become our nation’s first Black, female Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

So, be they women or girls in Ukraine facing an unjust war with vigor and grace; Hatcher colleagues seeking to bring change through their lived experience; difference makers like Ms. Lewis addressing systemic and generational inequality; or Judge Jackson ignoring naysayers to ascend to the highest court in our land — they all leverage their power to benefit others. This Women’s History Month, and on International Women’s Day, we elevate their stories and reaffirm our commitment to being women who support women.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and pray for peace.