Growth Spurts


August 2021

Growth spurts are an essential part of life. Whether personal or professional, growth can occur through daily practice or even a breakthrough event. Over the last few years, our team has experienced meaningful growth and intentional change, embracing new business strategies, launching a rebrand, prioritizing diversity and inclusion, and hiring wisely. Last month, growth came from a pivotal investment: we acquired Horne Creative Group. This joining of forces combines the talents of two purpose-driven firms and expands the scope of services Hatcher can provide its growing portfolio of clients. Our team has grown to include more than 50 incredibly diverse, talented and passionate colleagues. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish with this growth spurt!

In this edition of Spark, we show how a growth mindset affects our work and environment each and every day. This summer, we launched our inaugural internship program; our interns share their lessons learned here. Also, our Expertise and Innovation team delivered a design thinking innovation lab to showcase how we can provide superior solutions and lasting value to our clients and our firm — we’re delighted to share some highlights. Finally, we are eager to introduce our newest colleagues from Horne Creative Group and boast a bit about their talents.

We applaud our Hatcher team’s ability to embrace growth, change, and continual learning and improvement to better serve our clients and community. And yes, we absolutely love that they also put a healthy emphasis on having some FUN along the way! Speaking of which, we hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer with family and friends.