Learning From a Distance: Our Hatcher Intern Experience

By Abby Ling and Colleen Marlatt, Hatcher Summer Interns

As heat and humidity marked the return of summer, Hatcher welcomed seven eager, bright-eyed interns. And, as two of them, we can say with confidence that we didn’t know what awaited us. We knew filing and coffee runs weren’t on the table (partly because everything was still remote),  but after a year of online classes, we prepared for another season full of video calls, online discussions, and virtual meetings with our colleagues. Knowing how challenging it was to bond with classmates and peers during the pandemic, we realized there were many reasons to be anxious.

In hindsight, those high-strung worries seem a little silly. The transition to Hatcher was painless — easy, even! Everyone welcomed us with open arms and words of encouragement, so it would only be fair to say our experience started without a hitch. However, just as quickly as the process began, the end of July would come, and we would need to move on.

Whether we were developing media lists and visiting video production sets, or designing social media graphics and drafting marketing copy, our time at Hatcher was memorable. So, it’s only fitting that we share what we learned here before we go.

Here are some insights and favorite experiences from our time at Hatcher.

What skills or expertise have you gained?

Abby Ling (communications): The client work really helped me hone my writing skills and better adjust to the various tones, voices, and formats needed for each project. 

Sophia Handel (video): I specialize in post-production video work, but I also learned new tips and tricks to save time while editing. (While at Hatcher), I found a passion for working on sets and being behind the camera.

What was the most fulfilling aspect of your experience at Hatcher?

Sophia Handel (video): Learning from professionals in my given field. It is rare to find an internship where your manager acts as a mentor. I have appreciated all the time each Hatcher employee spent teaching me a new skill.

Jack Farren (communications): Knowing that the groups and organizations I did work for were working toward a worthy and selfless goal. It made doing the work easier and a lot more fun.

Sam Smith (digital): It was fulfilling to see the final product of my work. I enjoyed seeing the social media posts I wrote appear on Hatcher’s accounts and on client social media. I found it really rewarding to get to see my work become something.

Is there anything that surprised you about working at a communications firm?

Cindy Ramos (design): I think what surprised me was the strength of community at Hatcher. Meeting every individual felt comfortable, involved, and connected.

Nikki Grofcik (communications): Hatcher has developed a really healthy work culture, and that really shined through in meetings and day-to-day interaction. I think what was most impressive was seeing that work can also have a sort of family aspect to it. 

What advice do you have for future interns on how to maximize their experience?

Colleen Marlatt (communications): We were given the opportunity to speak with leadership and numerous employees at the company. I advise future interns to be prepared and take full advantage of those opportunities. Even if it seems like a casual conversation over lunch, bring questions and be engaged in the conversation.

Jack Farren (communications): You will meet a lot of great people, so be sure to stay in contact with them, even after your internship has finished. You never know where these connections may lead you.

On behalf of the inaugural intern Class of 2021, we would like to thank Hatcher for a wonderful experience!