Honoring Legacies While Shaping the Future

In honor of Black History Month, we recognize and pay tribute to the countless sacrifices and contributions that Black Americans have made throughout time. Their triumphs, adversities, and shared experiences have helped shape and define our country. Given the injustices and cultural and political divides that persist, our team reaffirms the need of white Americans to continue to learn, grow, and act to advance justice.

In this inaugural edition of Spark 2022, we celebrate purpose. We’re proud to share our work with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), supporting its rebranding and advancing a fresh perspective of its mission to cultivate and elevate leaders across Black communities. We also praise the legacy of Ofield Dukes, a Black man and pioneer in the field of public relations. His work intimately aligns with our pillar of purpose and about speaking truth through communications.

It’s with genuine purpose that Hatcher continues to grow and become a better version of itself. We’re proud of our commitment to attract the best talent that reflects the diversity of our community. We’re thrilled to introduce you to 10 new colleagues. Finally, Melissa Mellor and Derek Turner have joined our leadership team! After reading their perspectives, you’ll know why we’re so excited for the impact their purpose will bring to our team, our work, and our clients.

We remain grateful for your partnership and are energized for the opportunities we can embrace together to achieve meaningful change in the year ahead.

Be well,