What we do and who we are

July 2020

As spring turns to summer, our team has turned to an important task, refreshing the brand of The Hatcher Group. We’re still a boutique firm with a bold mission, but it was time for the cobbler’s children to get a new pair of shoes, or at least a spit shine. And so, we’ve embarked on a wonderful series of exercises with our team to make our brand more fresh and relevant – clarifying our mission and vision, articulating our values, and crafting community guidelines that will translate into policy and practice. These values are our true north, anchored in the identity of the Hatcher brand and the heart of our culture.

In this edition of Spark, we’re proud to spotlight three projects that capture what has surfaced repeatedly through our rebranding process: On behalf of great clients, we do thoughtful and meaningful work, seeking to achieve a real difference in the lives of our neighbors near and far. Be it through championing everyone’s right to vote, connecting disconnected youth with employment opportunities, or lifting up unsung heroes – like food safety workers who safely nourish us all – this is what we do and who we are.

We are so grateful to support our clients and advance significant movements, and remain confident in a brighter road ahead because of this great work together.