Recognizing Food Safety Heroes

Whether they are serving food in nursing homes, delivering Meals on Wheels, or working in a food processing plant or grocery store, hundreds of thousands of people across the country have been working tirelessly throughout the global pandemic, risking their own lives to provide all of us with healthy and safe meals.

For this year’s second annual World Food Safety Day, a day declared by the United Nations to promote the importance of safe food, the Partnership for Food Safety Education wanted to thank hard-working Americans for keeping our food safe and our bellies full during these trying times. The Hatcher Group was proud to step up and provide pro bono support to help the Partnership develop and execute a communications campaign in just a few weeks that rose to the level of what these heroes deserved.

After developing a campaign strategy, we created compelling copy for the Partnership’s website and an email newsletter asking people to recognize a “Food Safety Hero” to help shine a light on the extraordinary efforts of these workers. We enhanced this work with a social media toolkit to promote the campaign and World Food Safety Day, which included eye-catching graphics and shareable memes.Once we gathered both photo and video recognitions over the course of a week, our video team worked diligently to develop three creative videos — two short-form videos for social media and a longer, 90-second video for the Partnership’s website. The videos, which featured diverse workers in a variety of food safety roles from across the country, conveyed heartfelt gratitude and a look behind the scenes at the important work of these frontline professionals.

To promote the videos, which launched on World food Safety Day, June 7, Hatcher developed and led a media push that resulted in the campaign being featured in trade journals, including Food Safety News.

The Hatcher Group was proud to help develop a campaign to celebrate these critical workers who continue to labor throughout the pandemic to keep our food safe and our most vulnerable fed. While pro bono work is often seen as only benefiting the client, it also reinvigorated our creativity and opened a path to joy through giving back, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

By Kristen Peterson, Senior Director