Embracing Flexibility

July 2021

Changes in seasons are accompanied by themes and imagery suggestive of what is new. The crispness and comfort in winter, new growth and awakenings in spring, sunshine and freedom in summer, and the colors of nature and a return to routines in fall. And while our team is fully embracing the renewal and energy of summer 2021, we are thoughtfully planning for Hatcher’s return to the office in the fall.

And let’s be abundantly clear, we do mean return-to-office, not return-to-work. Our team has been working at a very high level throughout the pandemic, despite the personal and professional challenges each faced. This experience, perseverance, and, frankly, the positive results, now drive the approach to our return-to-office model. Aptly named Hybrid Hatcher, our return will feature maximum flexibility and leverage the technology, communications, and organizational best practices that sustained us over the last 16 months. We are mindful of the balance and occasional tradeoffs between productivity, collaboration, community, and wellness. So, as we continue to define Hybrid Hatcher, we hope our team welcomes this fall with flexibility, trust, and grace.

Speaking of hybrid, our events team has nailed it! In this edition, you will learn how they mastered the hybrid model to create truly immersive and impactful experiences. We also share insights and expertise on how to listen to what digital data is trying to tell you and hopefully spur you to action. Finally, we kick off an important discussion on designing websites for all abilities, led by our user experience team.

We wish you all the joys of the summer season!