A place of gratitude

March 2021

As we write this note, the sun is shining, the ice is melting, and the birds are chirping. As they say, hope springs eternal, and these first signs of spring are a salve as we emerge from a difficult year. Gratitude is a powerful sentiment that can help us cope with challenging times, appreciate our many blessings, and foster a positive outlook. To begin the year in a place of gratitude, Hatcher contributed to organizations that address social, economic, or environmental challenges, many of which align with the work of our clients. We are eager to share with you a glimpse into the tangible impact of our gratitude, and hope that it guides our team through 2021 and beyond.

In this issue, we also discuss our work with two clients, one we’ve had the honor to support for more than a decade, and a new client who feels like an old friend. A common icebreaker is to ask the question, who would you have as guests to a dinner party? We have the audacity to envision a return to such social occasions soon, and these two clients would be at the top of our list. After reading what they’re up to, we think you’ll agree.

Finally, we have the pleasure of introducing you to colleagues who joined the Hatcher family while we’ve been a virtual team. They are as talented as they are unique and we think you’ll enjoy meeting them, and may want them to attend your next dinner party, whenever that may be.

Let the sun shine!