May 2020

Like most organizations, our team has been working remotely for more than seven weeks. We were fortunate to have the technology and infrastructure in place to transition almost seamlessly. However, there’s no preparation we could have done for the emotional strain of these circumstances, caused by any number of drivers (e.g.,the general stress of the pandemic, the challenges of navigating the blended work and home life reality, and/or simply experiencing the very real lows that come from feeling disconnected and a lack of control). With this, we’re learning as we go, and hopefully getting more right than wrong.

A few weeks back, one of our colleagues suggested we put together a video to share with our clients how much we appreciate their partnership during this difficult time. We thought it was a wonderful idea, and the team got right to work. But what happened from there proved cathartic for all involved. Along the way, through the scripting, story boarding, recording,and production of this video, its name became “Together,” and it evolved into an unspoken appreciation of each other, as well as our clients. When we shared the final cut at our all-hands staff meeting last week, there was a brief moment of silence before applause broke out. And in that moment, we realized that our entire team was thriving, not just surviving.

In honor of our amazing team, and in celebration of our clients, we hope the spirit of “Together”conveys our gratitude.

Remain well and safe!