One Size Does Not Fit All

In this new normal, traditional communications approaches have to adapt to meet clients’ quickly evolving needs. Smart organizations are now realizing that a blend of digital outreach, innovative communications, and deft strategy can turn a formerly proven plan of action into something uniquely inspiring.

Therefore, when The National Assessment Governing Board recently needed support to adapt an in-person release event to meet our new, virtual-only reality, a straightforward webinar would have been the quick and easy solution. However, by combining The Hatcher Group’s expertise in event planning with our knowledge of digital and strategic communications, we provided an integrated solution that resulted in a sophisticated, effective, and accessible virtual experience that exceeded our client’s expectations.

The Governing Board sought a national audience for the release of a signature report. Initially, the release strategy included an event to accommodate an in-person audience of about 200 people. COVID-19 social distancing requirements put a kibosh on those plans, but we did not let that take the life out of our live event strategy.

A strong communications plan guided the event’s messaging through the transition to cyberspace. In the past, we worked with the Governing Board to hold their report releases in a venue that complemented the subject matter. To carry forward that tradition, we created an on-brand program format that allowed the report content as well as the speakers’ passion and expertise to shine. Going entirely virtual also allowed us to expand audience outreach efforts and include speakers who would not have been able to be there in person.

Digital opportunities increased further when promoting an online event to an at-home audience. A robust social media campaign was developed to enhance direct email efforts. This campaign amplified the message and drove engagement, resulting in over half of the event’s registrants coming from social media. A record-breaking 1,300 people attended the online event, and an engaging program kept 1,000 of them in their virtual seats for the duration.

In our new reality, integrated solutions elevate results. Strategic, creative, and multi-pronged approaches are necessary to reach the audiences that matter most to our clients. Because now, more than ever, one size does not fit all.