Meaningful social change

May 2021

We do what we do to make positive change in our communities. Sometimes our work is quite niche, and other times it’s aimed at a broader audience. But the pandemic and its far-reaching impact required more of us. It brought heightened meaning to our work, whether helping with crisis communication, addressing clients’ shifting priorities and capacity constraints, and of course, reaching and engaging difficult to reach communities with vital information about public health, education, or economic support. This landscape also challenged how we advanced client goals not related to COVID-19. As our nation accelerates reopening, the profound need continues to reach those who the pandemic affirmed remain structurally disadvantaged. The work to educate and engage has never been so critical, and we’re eager to be a part of it.

In this edition, we are delighted to share notable progress by many clients on critical initiatives. We’re proud to collaborate with the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities to equip community-based organizations and increase awareness of stimulus check availability, connecting immigrant families with needed COVID-19 relief. Our Annapolis team recaps what was decidedly an unusual 2021 Maryland General Assembly for clients, and highlights earned media successes on important issues facing Maryland such as banning flavored tobacco, authorizing life-saving overdose prevention sites, and pursuing stronger enforcement of clean water protections. Finally, in recognition of our expanding climate resilience portfolio, we’re thrilled to have been invited to join the Alliance for Climate Resilient Earth (ACRE), working together to solve climate issues at all levels.

We applaud our clients for their unwavering and uncompromised focus during these unprecedented times and remain grateful to support them on their varied missions to achieve meaningful social change.