Hatcher Grows Climate Resilience Portfolio, Joins ACRE

From floods and wildfires to droughts and sea level rise, our communities face an ever-growing list of threats due to climate change. In the urgency of this moment, Hatcher’s environmental experts help organizations define and bring their message to the media, the public, and policymakers to enact positive change. We work across the nation to realize a vision of a better world — one that fosters environmental justice, reduces pollution, and conserves our natural resources. Combatting climate change — both its causes and consequences — is central to our efforts.

We also remain keenly aware that the best ideas belong to no single organization. There is strength in numbers, and meaningful collaborations are force multipliers for positive change. In that spirit, Hatcher is pleased to announce that we have joined the Alliance for a Climate Resilient Earth (ACRE). ACRE is a public-private sector partnership that will develop new approaches to mitigate climate risks.

ACRE’s focus areas include energy, food and agriculture, water and sanitation, and infrastructure, among others. These are issues that Hatcher is deeply committed to in our pursuit to build a healthier, more equitable world.

The founding members of ACRE, including Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), NASA-HQ, National Council for Science and the Environment, The Ohio State University, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, and over a dozen other private sector and civil society partners, are committed to developing innovative ideas to make our world more resilient in the face of growing climate risks. Hatcher brings to the partnership our environmental expertise and know-how in strategy, messaging, and design.

ACRE shares our philosophy that innovation does not happen in a silo, and good ideas should be shared. The coalition employs working groups and partnerships with national governments, cities and states, and intergovernmental organizations to leverage support for vulnerable populations, develop projects, and build a more resilient path forward. Hatcher will support ACRE’s working groups with strategic guidance, communications, and design.

The ACRE coalition is a project of the nonpartisan Stimson Center, recently ranked one of the U.S.’s top 10 think tanks.

Hatcher will continue to support the critical environment work our clients are championing, including solutions that advance the wellbeing of our families, our neighborhoods, and our planet. Our work — together — continues.

By Jim Baird, Senior Director and Kristen Peterson, Senior Director