Powering Our Growth from Within

By Maia Alexander, VP, Talent and Culture

The end of the year brings a surge of energy as we collectively push to meet deadlines, accomplish goals, and enjoy the nostalgia of the holiday season. Along the way, there are also moments of reflection as we plan for the year ahead. However, before putting on our planning hats, we took a moment to wear party hats for two in-person gatherings to celebrate you, our clients, as well as our growth as a firm this year.

We officially welcomed current and prospective clients, as well as vendors and partners, to our new Bethesda headquarters with an open house. Following our festive event, we gathered all 60 Hatcher team members for our annual staff retreat. This year, we focused on wellness through a coaching session, chair massages, and an outdoor scavenger hunt. Our newer colleagues met the full team in person for the first time, and old colleagues reunited.

Experiencing an office filled with colleagues for two consecutive days inspired an energy that will carry us into the new year with excitement for what’s to come. Our beautiful new office will serve as a place to spark innovation, gather community, and foster continued growth.

As 2023 approaches, our Hatcher team is looking forward to…

Nurturing our synergy. We value our client relationships, the work we do, and how we integrate our capabilities to achieve client goals. Our strongest asset is our people and how we leverage our unique skillsets to create cohesive, effective, and visually engaging projects to be shared with audiences across the country. Our planning for 2023 starts at home. We are preparing to elevate our operations, empower staff to learn new skills, and engage our clients and partners in innovative strategies. Our award-winning work is the product of synergies throughout our firm that get better with time.

Strengthening our community. During one of our biweekly staff meetings, we polled employees to collect feedback on their desired frequency and style of in-person gatherings. It was clear: Our employees enjoy collaborating with their colleagues in person and building a strong community. In response, we are looking forward to intentional gatherings in large and small group settings to encourage cross-collaboration, mentorship, and camaraderie.

Finding balance. With the opening of our office, Hatcher is proudly operating as a flexible-first workplace. We have a commitment to provide physical space for in-person collaboration and personal productivity while allowing employees to work from home as desired. This model encourages our team to balance dynamic personal lives with exceeding client expectations. Our staff continuously shows appreciation for the firm’s flexibility.

As we close out 2022, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our clients to amplify their causes across various mediums and platforms. We are energized in our new home and eager to continue honing our craft with 14 (and counting) new team members who joined this year.

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