Powered by purpose

September 2020

Our journey at The Hatcher Group began in January 2019. Since then, we’ve had the great fortune to build on the firm’s legacy and reputation – side-by-side with our incredible team. The firm has experienced growth and change, and it was time to reflect that progress in our brand. Not just the visual identity seen from the outside, but an articulation of who we are, why we come to work each day, and what we aspire to accomplish together.

While innovation fosters growth, it also requires meaningful change within an organization. We took our time and pursued a holistic and inclusive approach. Colleagues throughout the organization took the lead, guiding us in collaborative discussions essential to capturing a brand promise we could believe in, embrace, and promote.

This issue of Spark unveils our new brand, from logo to mission statement to community guidelines. We tell our story and invite you to learn about our creative process. And we share a brief video that celebrates where we began with excitement towards where we are going.

Twenty years helping our clients drive change inspired us to make a change of our own. We’re powered by purpose and thrilled to introduce you to the new Hatcher!