Our Brand Story

During our journey to rebrand Hatcher, writing our brand story was one of the final steps. After the new mission, vision, values, and logo were created, the brand story aimed to evoke the emotional core of who we are and help our audience understand why we’re here and what we aspire to do. In other words, it builds a connection.

Developing a meaningful brand story at a time when the Hatcher team was isolated in our homes and facing an uncertain future was a daunting task at first. Without hearing the cheerful conversations drifting from our office kitchen or watching a team brainstorm their way through a new challenge or celebrating a big client win together in our conference room, how would we capture the true essence of who we are?

But it quickly became clear that watching Hatcher come together to weather the uncertainty of the pandemic was a front-row seat to seeing who we really are. And like any good story, Hatcher’s brand story was grounded in people. Despite the miles and screens between us, our Hatcher community was as committed as ever to each other and our clients – perhaps even more so as the inequities exacerbated and laid bare by the pandemic fueled our sense of purpose.

Our wins became even more meaningful. Hearing client success stories, participating in our own food pantry drive, celebrating the personal joys of our colleagues and their families – these stories brought light into our lives during dark times. That concept became the first image of our brand story, with the rest built upon the mission, vision, and values that articulated what we do every day and why.

A lot has changed for Hatcher in the last few years – new ownership, a new logo, and a new way of working together, virtually (for now). Through these changes, our purpose has burned steady, a flame lighting our way. That is our brand. This is our story.

Our Brand Story

A story is a light in the dark. We tell them around campfires, while tucking our little ones in bed, when we feel alone, when we’re uncertain of what comes next. They help us find our way. They can change hearts and minds, or plant seeds that grow into big social change.

We know the world’s challenges can seem insurmountable at times. Inequality and injustice make up too many of the headlines we see on a daily basis. But every day, everywhere, there are countless people making a difference. Fighting for change. Standing up against injustice. And their stories deserve a spotlight.

That’s where we come in.

With the world at our fingertips these days, the 24-hour news cycle, and content competing at every moment for our attention, it can be hard to break through the noise. Luckily, that’s what we’re good at.

The Hatcher Group’s belief in the power of communications and marketing fuels our vision for every project. It’s what drives our big ideas and attention to the smallest of details. It’s apparent in our compelling videos, our vibrant designs, our eye-catching websites, and our unforgettable events. It’s what makes the case in our policy advocacy and crisis communications. And it’s how we show that real change is possible.

And when real change happens through our work together – when a new policy improves air quality for a community or a family starts saving for college – we know our tireless efforts matter.

Come sit by the fire with us and tell us your stories. We’re eager to share them with the world, and we can’t do this work without you. The change we make together lights our path forward. Keeps us going. And builds movements. We’re powered by purpose.

By Andrea Ruggirello, Senior Associate and Writer